The scene of world is changing at rapid speed and it is because of the great progress made in the field of electronics. Microprocessor is not merely used as the main part of computer but it has extensive use in various fields such as education, communication, automobiles, industry control etc. The use of Microprocessor in detail is given below:

  1. Communication: Now a day’s distance is no bar in communication because of the enormous advancements maid in the field of communication and this has become possible because of the use microprocessor in different communication equipments like Modems, Mobile phones, Radios, Television, Transmitters, Receivers etc.
  2. Automobiles: These days testing and operation of automobiles is done with the help of microprocessor based equipments. Microprocessor is used in automobiles for the following purpose:

Advantages of Microprocessor

a). Regulation and control of speed.

b).Engine and break testing.

c).Control of fuel mixture.

3. Military and medical field: There is a huge contribution of defence and medical fields in the progress of a country. The use of microprocessor in these fields is given below:

a). Missiles  b). Scanner c). X-ray Machines d). Radar and Navigation

4. Education : Microprocessor used in the form of training kits in the colleges to provide training to students. The program can be checked and run on microprocessor kits before their real time applications.

5. Consumer Goods: In the addition to the above mentioned uses of microprocessor. It is also used in home applications and some of these are given below:

a). Microwave Oven

b). Washing Machine

c). Air- Conditioner

d). Video Games

6. Ticket Reservation: Now there is no need to stand in the queue for the ticket reservation. The advancements made in the manufacturing of computers using advanced microprocessors and the use of network has made it possible to get ticket reserved sitting at home or anywhere. Above all the tickets reservation facility does not prevail only within the country but for any part of world.